Saturday, December 30, 2006

How to speak nice about bad things!

I dont like negativity, and I think it is destructive... Thinking of all this stuff I've been going thru lately, and with the ever increasing number of people having problems with customer service, two new words popped into my mind; two words that can drastically reduce the negativity of me talking about UAL.

The first word is Screwice™ (Copyright © 2006, 2007, All Rights Reserved, left, up, down, top, bottom, every direction!), which I define to be a great dis-service or a service performed while screwing you royally.

The second word, Screwlation™ (copyrighted and trade marked as above!) is defined to mean a relation with the intent to harm, or to have or continue a relation to maintain and/or foster your advantage over the other.

So, now, with the definition of these new words, I can talk about what GREAT Customer Screwice my parents have received from UAL, without the negativity attached with the use of words like "Lousy," "Horrible" or "Terrible."

Like wise, UAL seems to be having WONDERFUL Customer Screwlations! See, how easy it is to talk about bad things in a good way!

Sadly, a google search I did last night (12/31/06) revealed that these 2 words have been used before... I will, however, use my re-definition of these word though.


Scott L said...

You need to digg this article and get it out there, once it gets some momentum things will happen, until then your stuck.

I also suggest re-writing it slightly shorter, it goes on for a while - it needs to be short and to the point to get people up in arms, much like trashy newspaper articles unfortunately :(

Good luck.

Mahesh said...

Thanks for the comments Scott. I will try to make a shorter version as well. I already posted on digg yesterday, and also sent an e-mail to consumerist. I will follow up on consumerit today.

Douglas said...

Very funny (and appropriate) word coinages there, but bear in mind that you can't copyright a single word, and trademarks (whether acquired through use or by federal registration) are for use of a word in trade. Now, if you put (or planned to put) the words on T-shirts and sold them, then you would at least be headed in the right direction for trademark recognition.