Monday, January 8, 2007

UAL agrees to correct the wrong.

Thanks to a tip by The Consumerist, I was able to open a channel of communication with the UAL's Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, who has made an appology and has promply agreed to resolve this matter. I have accepted his appology and await the completion of this saga. I will keep you posted as to how things pan out.


EagleEyez said...


If you read, as I assume you do, then you may've seen this story --

While not nearly as devastating or heartbreaking as your tale, it's one that definitely hurt and affected my friend (as well as me).

I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the contact information for UAL's Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer with me, as I've had little luck getting in touch with anyone of consequence at the airline.

Thanks in advance!

Sunshine said...

Hello Mahesh, we hear ya and are spreading the word as you said.

Mahesh said...

EagleEyez, sorry to hear about your friend's troubles. I dont think I can post infomation publicly. If you ask the consumerist they might be able to help you. You could use google to your advantage as well as the company web site. For most companies, there usually is a pattern of assigning e-mail addresses using a combination of first and last names or initials. If you know the e-mail address of one, the chances are that the pattern would be the same. Best of luck to you. Also, there is nothing wrong with snail mail.

Mahesh said...

Thanks Sunshine :-)

EagleEyez said...

Hi Mahesh,

It's not a problem, and I understand the hesitation to post it publicly.

I've looked up the company and figured out their naming conventions, yet the few people I've tried to get a hold of have had their e-mails bounce. I'll forge ahead though and see what I can do.

Sorry about the latest setback in your situation, and I wish you well with it all!


Mahesh said...


The Consumerist has published the info you wanted. Please check it out at Get United Airlines Executive Customer Service

Anonymous said...

I do not know you; but you make me proud! Thank God that your parents had a son that was/willing to stand up and be counted! God bless you and ever keep you and your Mom and Dad in His protective watch care.

United Airlines should be ashamed of themselves...but that is the trend these days...honesty and accountability went missing a while back.